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We create convenience in e-commerce
Our Shopitag solution in 6 characteristics
Mobile order & pay
A state-of-the-art mobile order & pay solution that your customers will love! We optimised the mobile checkout procedure to unseen levels.
We built extensive experience by working with chatbots from the very beginning. Ask for our reference work we did for several brands and corporates.
Conversations & AI
So you installed a chatbox on your website ? What if you could bring it to the next level with AI and e-commerce ?
True omnichannel
We link with webshops, cash registers and so much more. Using our solution gives you a one view on all inbound and outbound channels.
Creating conversion
Getting into a meaningful conversation with your customer helps to build trust and generate conversion.
Delivery and pickup
Our Commerce platform supports both local ordering, pick-up, delivery or click-to-collect scenarios with your own payment means.
Growth hacking for e-commerce.
There is only 1 guarantee in e-commerce: that there are no guarantees. You can spend thousands just to see you make not a single sale.

What if there would be a platform that helps you test the market? That speeds up the validation of your e-commerce assumptions. Shopitag helps businesses validate what type of products score with which sales channels in what markets. When speed and agility is of essence.

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Shopitag +
Our e-commerce solution for grown-ups
E-commerce is so much more than just a webshop. Think about conversational commerce, Direct-To-Consumer (DTC), Chatbot with order-and-pay capabilities, and all kind of complex use cases where order & pay is just a part of the whole story.

With Shopitag + we built a platform helping brands and businesses gain speed in their e-commerce journey. Speed of execution, but also speed in converting visits into clients, with our unique contextual relevance engine.
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