An integration layer for conversational commerce

Mobile Order & Pay
A state-of-the-art mobile order&payment solution that your customers will love. We offer only payment methods that work 100% mobile.
Creating conversion
Looking for a platform that helps you in sale conversion on mobile ? Try Infinity Commerce and convince yourself.
We create cool and funny bots in Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and  more!
Delivery and pickup in B2B/B2C
The Infinity Commerce platform supports both local ordering, delivery on location, or pick-it-up scenarios with their own payment means.
True omnichannel
We link with webshops, cash registers and so much more. Using the Infinity Commerce dashboards gives you one view on all inbound and outbound channels.
Push notifications
Notify your customers when their orders are ready… we support bidirectional communication via push notifications, chat messages and email or SMS.

Clients we let shine

Meet the new way of doing business!

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EXEC Berlin

Berlin, Germany
5 april – 6 april 2017
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Webshop Vakbeurs

Mechelen, Belgium
3 may – 4 may 2017
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The Next Web

Amsterdam, Netherlands
18 may – 19 may 2017
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Infinity Mobile’s story is all about creating conversion for merchants, and creating convenience for clients. Our company’s name is not only about the mobile device, but we also firmly believe in on-the-go commerce. People are more mobile than ever before, we make sure they can order and pay wherever they are, whenever they want.
If you believe you can help us build our story don’t hesitate and send us a message. We value diversity in thinking, culture, and no matter where you come from or going to, if you believe in ecosystems you should get in touch. We love partnerships with complementary companies  and people.  
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