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Our Sayl platform combines digital innovation with unseen implementation speed, easily integrated with your existing infrastructure.
We empower digital managers
At airports
Airports experience increasing cost pressure on core activities and the need to gain more revenue from its services and retail offer is rising exponentially.

As a digital manager you are confronted with large monolithic IT systems that do not give you the speed and agility to introduce new digital services.

What you need is a digital platform that simplifies the introduction of new services and at the same time integrates perfectly with the existing infrastructure.
At travel retail
Travel retail within airports has the unique opportunity to have an endless stream of passengers literally pass through the shops, but the unique challenge that the window of opportunity to sell is very short.

Next to that, brands push passengers increasingly to online channels so they avoid the airport retailer.

Our digital platform will help you to digitise your retail shop both online as in-store.
Passenger services we implement
Our digital platform turns communications to passengers into real transactions
  • Fastlane ticket
    Offer your passengers the chance to get through the security check in a guaranteed time frame.
  • Book a table
    Make passengers book upfront their table and even have the chance to pay their food & beverage upfront.
  • Kiosk ordering
    Our kiosks are safe and fully certificated for airport activity.

    Kiosks are ideally to attract the attention of the passenger within the perimeter of the airport.
  • Endless aisle
    Don't lose visitors in the retail store because you do not have the right item in stock. We support endless aisle with in-store ordering.
  • Collect at arrival & departure
    Offer your passengers the flexibility they need. Be able to take limitations brands put on home delivery. Synchronize stocks real-time.
  • VIP lounge access
    Do your business passengers require a separate space to work? We arrange mobile wallet passes including scanning via hardware devices at the entrance of the lounge.
Platform features
Packaged solution for any airport or travel retail
  • Runs with your existing infrastructure
    Our platform has an integration layer that connects with popular and known platforms like SAP, Magento, etc. We also support many single-sign-on (SSO) systems to simplify identification.
  • Workflow and event driven
    Passenger services do not live on itself. Often the need exist that an event (eg. check-in) should trigger another action, like invitation for another service.
  • Scalable
    Our platform is micro-services meaning single components (services to your passengers) can easily be scaled in time of peaks without impacting or potentially slowing other services down
  • Reporting & data driven
    Real time reporting is provided by Grafana reports and is built by us exactly to your liking.
  • Kiosks as one-stop-shop
    Setting up and managing kiosks with digital services that can scan, print and make payments can quickly become a pain. We offer a one-stop-shop
  • Safe, secure and certificated
    Our platform has been multiple times pen-tested and ready for your services.
Data driven
Putting your passengers at the heart of our solution
  • Identification
    As our platform is active in all channels, it can help you identify the customer both online as in the airport.
  • Personalisation
    Provide relevant offers at the right time to the passenger.
  • AI driven recommendations
    Make your personnel and staff smarter with the right recommendations to better support your passengers, and to make their life easier and more convenient.
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