Success Case - The Huggy's Bar burger chain

The Huggy's Bar is a fast-growing burger restaurant chain with high ambitions. Inspired by a visit to the United States, the 2 founders started a first resto in Liège (Belgium) where they introduced the Easy Gourmet concept. Now a couple of years later, 11 restaurants are live and new ones are coming. Quality meat, excellent fries and a comfortable setting make the difference.
The Huggy's Bar founders quickly understood that the digital channel can be a highly profitable channel when giving focus and when the operational process in the restaurant is aligned with it. Like many restaurants they chose to cooperate with for any home-delivery, but for take-away orders they opted for Sayl Resto. In 2020 they also chose the "order at the table" functionality of Sayl Resto.

Sayl Resto is part of the Sayl platform and focuses on digital ordering and collecting customer data in a hospitality context. "Most people underestimate the complexity of online order & pay in food & beverage", Geert Roete, CEO of Infinity Mobile, says. "After all, how hard can it be to order a sandwich? Any webshop system can do that, right? Well, we learned the hard way that F&B ordering is really complex, as the complexity is hidden at the restaurants side. The consumer part is indeed fairly simple but getting it right at the business' side was a hard nut to crack. However today we can say we can support multiple complex order & pay scenarios in hospitality, and we are certainly proud of that".
The Huggy's bar chose for Sayl Resto as the solution aligns with the image of Huggy's Bar: innovative, fast and convenient. Sayl Resto is next to a modern looking webshop that can be branded with the restaurant's logo, a solution with a lot of capabilities: vouchers, discounts, promotions, dynamic pricing, dynamic visibility changes, reassignment of tables, etc. The Huggy's Bar created a page on their own website where they send the customer directly to the right restaurant in Sayl Resto.

"What we see is a particular high conversion rate in the chats with Sayl Resto", Benoit Hossay adds. "We get to an average conversion of almost 20% which is definitely above industry's average. This attributes to a growing revenue from take-away for Huggy's Bar, for every single restaurant in the chain."

After the first COVID wave, Huggy bar decided also to choose for the new Sayl Resto version, that supports order at the table.

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