Our headless commerce API allows you to run any B2C e-commerce scenario that you want. Discover the list of modules and their capabilities.
Each module and its capabilities can be accessed via our API
Catalogs & Products
Promotions & coupons
Order management
CRM & data
Delve even deeper
Choosing the right digital commerce platform requires deep understanding on the possibilities of the platform and its (headless) commerce capabilities. We're glad to help you further in your exploration.
Microservices for ecommerce
Feeling limited in your ecommerce projects? Or even worse, feeling the heavy weight of slow and difficult to bend legacy e-commerce platforms on your shoulders? Then it's time for a fresh take on business: by choosing for micro-services and APIs, long development times and heavy implementations are a thing of the past. Small is the new big.
Customize your front-end and CMS
Since we are fully supporting headless commerce, we are fine with whatever CMS you prefer. In the end, a CMS does best what it does best: the ability to let you create impactful content with strong visuals. Our commerce solution is absolutely not strong in creating content - but that is exactly what we want! We excel in supporting the e-commerce operations that back your digital services. In the end, creating nice content should lead to selling goods or services, and facilitating sales and creating conversion is our ballgame.
Scale without limits
We have been there before. Large (and very known) e-commerce platforms that due to their size and too many plugins and dependencies end up in being ridiculous slow. If you enjoy spending your time with profilers and performance optimizations, we welcome you to stay with your current solution. Our platform is created with speed and performance in mind, and thanks to its full cloud-native setup it can scale in minutes.
Payments and support for many payment providers
Since we're in e-commerce you guessed it: the checkout process requires a payment provider. We currently support 25 PSPs (Payment Service Provider) and thus can help you wherever your customers are located in the world. Next to simple payments, our expertise goes further than simply facilitating the payment. If you are in need of split payments, partial payments, wallet-backed payments contact us.
Marketplace capabilities
Planning to start a marketplace? True marketplaces comes with quite some complexity out of the box, both technical as process-wise. Our platform can serve as a marketplace to sell goods for many different merchants, with like-wise pay-outs. Contact us if you have plans in that regard.
Omnichannel, DXP, Headless, ...
We are with you. Terms like omnichannel and creating customer centricity with cool customer experiences are going around what seems for ages. But if you look outside the air is pretty thin. That's why we focused on building a solution that can truly support omnichannel (tracking the customer no matter what channel), that can act supportive in a DXP platform, and that is 100% headless.
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