Success case - Order Miller Beer

Facebook Messenger order & pay in South Africa, including delivery at home
"Would it be possible to build a chatbot where people can order a Miller beer and then get the beer delivered at home?". That was the exact question we received from the guys at Justpalm, the South African media agency working for Miller beer. FYI, unlike the name would suggest, Miller beer is not part of Sab Miller (now Ab Inbev) but is since a couple of years distributed by the Heineken company in South Africa.

We positively answered the question, as we didn't need to build a chatbot on Facebook Messenger - we already had something out-of-the-box thanks to our experience with the Ask Emma food order bot. The Heineken company also had a special request: people that started a chat with the Miller beer chatbot, should be able to receive their beer in less than one hour. Talking about a challenge!

We started this campaign by correctly defining the scope: which payment means will people be able to use? Do we have a payment provider in South Africa that supports this type of orders? What are the regions within South Africa that will be served (as SA is big, we couldn't deliver everywhere)? Who will be the fulfillment provider, how can we integrate and how do we report?

The MGD chatbot
Order & Pay via Facebook Messenger
The media agency took care of the Facebook Ads to build awareness in the regions we supported, while we did the chat set-up, the customer journey and the full checkout procedure, including integration of a South African payment provider.

The marketing campaign ran for 3 weeks and generated 25.000 Rand as paid orders, and importantly, it created serious buzz and some coolness factor for digital people that wanted to show that getting a beer at home (or office) is just a click away.

Heineken logo
We had a lot of fun building this campaign. Order and pay with chatbots on platforms like Facebook Messenger is exactly our forte.
Benoit Hossay
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