KBC app integration

Integration of Belgians most widely used banking app
With KBC Group being the second largest bank in Belgium (only preceded by BNP Paribas Fortis), it can fall back on a strong retail audience with hundreds of agencies and millions of retail clients. Like any large bank out there, KBC has taken a couple of years ago the decision to invest heavily in their digital transformation. One of their spearheads in this transformational story, is the KBC app.

The KBC app is together with the Belfius app a showcase of user friendliness, but more importantly an app that can serve multiple purposes. Following the adage 'one app to serve all', the KBC app allows their Belgian clients to not only check their savings or execute electronic wire transfers, but also a myriad of other services. Think about ordering a ticket for the bus, parking your car, hiring a bike, etc...

Latest in this list of extra convenient services is a number of digital services the largest Belgian airport is offering to its passengers: getting through the security check in a guaranteed timewindow, and access to the VIP lounge.

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As the bank app is available for millions of users, KBC is picky on the services it allows to display in the app, and it is picky on the parties that can build an integration into their app. A stringent security check and penetration testing is part of the procedure to be accepted on their platform.

"Since KBC is very selective in the services it accepts, the procedure to get accepted took some time. Based on previous experience in fintech and banking, we could show and demonstrate not only technical expertise, but also what we do on a governance level.", Geert Roete, CEO of Infinity Mobile explains. "Our team worked in close collaboration with the security and audit team of the bank to promptly answer any request for information."

The close collaboration paid off since the integration of the Sayl Cloud platform into the KBC app was done in a 2 months window, a record time for the bank. To avoid any doubt, the Sayl Cloud platform is the platform hosting and running the digital services like VIP lounge and Fastlane security check.

"The idea of Brussels Airport is to open as much channels as possible towards their digital services for the passengers. In that sense the integration of one of Belgium's most popular apps definitely is a big step forward. Personally I'm happy that we can extend our technology platform with an integration that further shows what it is capable of.", Benoit Hossay, CTO of Sayl, adds.

Brussels Airport VIP lounge
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Personally I'm happy that we can extend our technology platform with a bank integration that clearly adds value for the customer
Benoit Hossay
Co-founder & CTO
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