Mobile commerce trends 2016

Mobile commerce trends 2016

It’s that time of the year again and as a mobile-first company, we happily look forward to the new year with a couple of predictions. As we specialise in mobile order & pay, we focus on 4 key predictions in the domain of mobile commerce:

–          Mobile apps will get the attention it deserves

The first wave of mobile apps was all about ‘just being there in the app store’. There was not necessarily a plan, nor the required idea, action plan or approach to make the app actually useful for its consumers.

Now we foresee a second wave of mobile apps where companies are no longer satisfied with the status quo. The apps of the second generation are the result of a thoughtful process, where upfront is decided what would be the added value towards the customer, what story is being told to the customer, and whereby potential revenue streams are highlighted and maximised.

Specifically companies will want to drive one KPI which is the “conversion to sale”. Is the app driving conversion and how is the app user carefully but clear driven into a sale ? What use cases can be thought of, upselling tactics (via push notifications, 1-1 messaging…), where can companies get to know their customer better ?

–          M-commerce further on the radar

With brother e-commerce now firmly in the arena, m-commerce catches up driven by a user community even more “mobile” and “always on”.  A lot of companies have done significant investments in their e-commerce channel (front-end as well as logistics backend), it seems like those investments have not come to an end yet: Mobile commerce expects a mobile approach where usability comes first, and the cheap “let’s just offer our e-commerce site as a HTML5” is being abandoned by consumers. KPI’s should be loading speed and number of touchpoints to come to a sale. Obviously also the offered payment methods in the app should be tailored to the screen estate of the mobile-first customer, which expects no longer some nillies’ weblayout being rendered on mobile, but a native connection with the banking app.

–          Smartphones further gains

We expect the trend of mobile smartphones outnumbering tablets to go on. Users definitely have chosen the smartphone road whereby in some US regions already 44% of all transactions are done via smartphone. If you know we’re up from 27% last year, we’re talking about a strong tendance. More and more payment providers are finally focussing on bringing the payment experience onto the smartphone, a process where Infinity Mobile also is helping for several parties.

Even in sales that are executed on a desktop or a tablet, we saw in 2015 almost 30% of research was being conducted prior on mobile. A mobile experience that convinces your user and shows you take the mobile consumer serious, will repay itself.

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