Helping businesses connect with their customers
by bridging data and commerce
Infinity Mobile, the company behind Sayl.
A customer data platform that helps you to identify and interact with your customer in an omnichannel context. Specifically for growing B2C businesses like resto and retail chains that are transactional, data and omnichannel driven.

Go beyond your traditional boring marketing automation, and turn each interaction into a real transaction.
Unifying customer data and commerce
Sayl Customer
Sayl Resto helps restaurant chain managers that want to be closer to their customers. Modern restaurant chains sell in multiple sales channels, in a multi-location setup with multi-menu catalogs, and lots of customers. Sayl Resto makes this complexity simple.

Thanks to its integration with Sayl Customer the solution also serves digital managers that must make the most out of the customers journey.
Premium online food ordering
Sayl Resto
For the vast majority of small retailers and brick-and-mortar shops, e-commerce is too time-consuming and too tedious for little results.

Sayl Retail removes all friction for small business owners and helps them to open their online sales channel. We get them live in less than 30 minutes. Distributed via large corporate partners.
E-commerce via large partners, for small businesses
Sayl Retail
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