Shopitag Cloud Commerce features
Our platform covers all elements to identify your customers in the channels they are active in
Identity management
Identity management support for LDAP, Oauth, OAuth2, SSO, Facebook Login, Google Login
User & Dynamic Roles
Create and manage users, organisations, user groups, roles. Dynamic assignment of rights on as granular as it gets level (object level)
Personal Privacy Data
Anonymize data, export data with audit trailing, address legal requirements linked to GDPR, via an administration interface
Audit trailing records what your administrators do, what they have access to and when.
High availability & scalability
Our cloud based platform is built upon first class high availability principles and our micro-services are conceived with maximal scalability
Back-end APIs
Enjoy the unlimited potential of our RAW API, maximising your flexibility in data modeling and switching between scheme versions
Organize projects based on your business model. Each organization, site or shop can inherit or define its own objects and permissions
Integration framework
Already used internally but on our roadmap to make available to our customers: a central integration layer to easily integrate data and services from back-end systems. Supports webservices, REST and SFTP.
Transactional modules
Our commerce engine gives you the key to create a transactional business model and gets you security, scalability and powerful capabilities for free.
Core module
Any project will integrate our ore module, which will take care of governance, security, scalability and which will make sure the basics are done right.
Commerce engine
Our commerce module and engine is one of our centerpiece modules. It contains all functionality required to make omnichannel commerce work in any channel.
Payments module
Our PSP module allows you to link to +25 Payment Service Providers all over the world. Moreover, you can seamlessly support different payment means via different payment providers. Ideal when you need flexibility and cost efficiency.
PIN payment terminals
We link with payment terminals in-store, including POS gateway integrations. For those clients that need to support in-store payments too.
Localization module
The localization module helps your project with translations, with multiple currencies, multiple timezones.
Conversation module
Do you need to support chat channels? Voice channels? Our conversation module creates a bidirectional link between consumers and your business. Support for Facebook Messenger, Viber, Slack, Intercom, Whatsapp
Integration module
This module is all about connecting to external and internal systems, via known protocols as REST, SOAP webservices, or classic filetransfer
Hardware printers
We support both printers via bluetooth or via TCP/IP. Our module supports Star printers, Brother, and Epson printers.
Notification module
The notification module manages all notifications like push notifications, e-mail, SMS text messages, etc. We connect with known providers as Firebase, Nexmo, Twilio to push any message towards the consumer.
User feedback module
The feedback module act as a 'survey module on steroids' with possibility to configure questions and answers in different formats (single line of text, multi-line, multi-choice, upload of image, ...).
Other modules
Print any HTML to a PDF, AI based image recognition, login functionality, in-store kiosks, ...
A platform that speaks to developer and cuts down the time to market by leveraging powerful and reliable front-end assets
Front-end APIs
Enjoy the unlimited potential of our RAW API, maximising your flexibility in data modeling and switching between scheme versions
Front-end UI toolkit
A VueJS and Angular toolkit to help you build lovely progressive web applications, apps and pages that interact with your customer in a high standardized fashion.
React Native / PWA
We have several apps in production that showcase the app possibilities. Apps that are used day in day out in a real-life environment
I can best compare the platform of Infinity Mobile with a domino plug. It is the ultimate tool if your business is not looking for a point solution, but rather something that can morph over time and evolve with your needs.
Lucresse V.W., Procter & Gamble
Curious to see some projects?
All mentioned features and modules are actively used in a wide range of live projects