PR – Chatbot of Belgian startup helps Unilever Africa

PR – Chatbot of Belgian startup helps Unilever Africa

Chatbot of Belgian startup helps Unilever Africa rewarding its customer base

Brussels, 15th may 2017; Infinity Mobile, a Belgian fintech startup focused on chatbots and mobile commerce, has launched a first campaign for Unilever Africa, targeting those customers that buy their laundry brand Omo. The chatbot Omo South Africa rewards customers that make a picture of their cash receipt and upload it to the chatbot. The cash receipt is then analyzed, and the customer immediately receives airtime credit in case he proofs to have bought a product from the said laundry brand.

Infinity Mobile develops chatbots that run on the Facebook Messenger or Telegram platform, and mostly links these with the e-commerce capabilities of their proprietary IFM Commerce platform. For the laundry brand it was important to come to a conversational commerce scenario, whereby an online (mobile) customer is rewarded for an action he did offline.

“The Omo South Africa chatbot is the first in a series we do for several brands in the portfolio of Unilever Africa (sub-sahara).” says Benoit Hossay, co-founder of Infinity Mobile.  “Our platform transforms mostly dull and uninspiring chats into experiences by using capabilities as image recognition, artificial intelligence and mobile order & pay”.

Trend watchers call 2017 the year of the chatbot, and in the same sentence state that native apps are dead. Major technology companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have released a chatbot platform by now, not to mention the massive usage of WeChat in Asia. Exactly one year ago, FB Messenger had +10.000 chatbot developers on its platform, meanwhile the number has exponentially grown with the introduction of frameworks like While Facebook Messenger is pretty popular in Europe, the favorite bot platform can vary from country to country. “We made our mobile and conversational commerce platform bot agnostic, which enables us a fast transition to any new bot framework that becomes king of the hill.”, Hossay adds.

About Infinity Mobile

Infinity Mobile is an innovative fintech startup focusing on mobile commerce solutions for retail, hospitality and events. The IFM Commerce framework allows order & pay scenarios on mobile, and links with multiple third parties to cater common checkout scenarios as payment, delivery and loyalty.