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P&G's customers are in-store and online. How we help identify & track them.
It will come as no surprise that the landscape for global classic brands like P&G or Unilever has changed a lot over the recent decade. Push publicity via traditional channels as television are only reaching a fraction of people compared to what it used to be, and with younger generations that grow up without television (except to binge watch Netflix) things won't get easier.

On the bright side, this shift to online also opens new possibilities for these large brands to get in touch with the consumer in new innovative ways. An outcome of this shift is for example the growing demand for DTC commerce. As an official accredited supplier of Procter&Gamble, Infinity Mobile helps the company in creating touchpoints both in-store as online. Moreover, using the Shopitag Plus platform, we have the capability to integrate with any backend system of P&G, making data move faster between the consumer and the brand.

For the launch of the new Lenor in the UK, our Sayl cloud platform supported the business people of P&G in getting first-hand consumer feedback how this new flavor of fabric softener was accepted in the market. P&G had a specific list of questions they would like to get answered from people, without resorting to traditional user panels or street/in-store interviews. Also, a boring online survey was not what they had in mind.
Since the Shopitag Plus platform is a modular platform, a number of modules were selected to set up the different customer journeys: these modules were marketing related (e-mail/QR/social media), gamification/raffles, user feedback entry and dashboard reporting.

"Our user feedback module was configured with all the questions and possible answers that P&G wanted to ask. Due to the complexity of user paths, and the requirement to upload cash register tickets and to recognise them automatically, standard survey point solutions fell short to what P&G tried to achieve.", Geert Roete, CEO of Infinity Mobile explains. "We know that there are a ton of SAAS survey tools out there, but for these larger businesses the customer journey is mostly too specific to be supported by an off-the-shelf solution. Enter Shopitag Plus then."

The campaign collected thousands of feedback entries and thanks to the reporting module in the Shopitag Plus platform, P&G business people had at any time a real-time sight on the provided answers.

Also on a data governance level, the Shopitag Plus platform also proved its value. "We know that for these large brands personal data is something very precious and the correct processes and procedures must be in place to safeguard the data from internal and external people. Our banking and payments experience helps tremendously in that perspective", Roete adds.

Dashboard funnel
Funnel with the real-time results
Standard survey tools fell short to what P&G wanted to achieve. A combination of user input, integrations and analytics was the right modular setup to make the customer journey work.
Geert Roete
Co-founder & CEO
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