Success case - Brussels Expo / Palais 12

Online order & pay for large trade fairs
Brussels Expo is a large venue for trade fairs, in Belgium best known for trade fairs as the Brussels Motor Show and Batibouw. However, next to these fairs that get a lot of airtime on Belgian television, there are also trade fairs that score on an international scale, but more in specific niches, like the Global Seafood Expo.

As Brussels Expo copes with a lot of visitors, and a lot of merchants holding a booth at one of the trade fairs, an easy order & pay process is for them vital to avoid delays and queues. While a lot of providers wanted to be the order & pay solution for this trade fair organization, our e-commerce solution was chosen because we had 3 main advantages: an integration with their cash register provider, a superior go-to-market in terms of time in comparison with the other providers, and the fact we support both click&collect, delivery as local orders.

Auto Fair Brussels 2017
As the biggest carshow of Belgium a lot of people turn up for the "Autosalon" every year.
Infinity Mobile
Brussels Expo B2C app - Auto Fair 2017
Organizing e-commerce for large venues is definitely not coming down to just installing some webshop system, tweaking it a bit and think you are ready. The challenge is having an e-commerce system that thinks in terms of processes, and takes into scope the multiple fulfillment locations and points of sales. Providing full orchestration on what needs to be prepared, where it needs to be prepared and where and how it needs to be delivered by who is what makes a great trade fair commerce solution stand apart from its peers.

"Our e-commerce platform nailed the challenge of Brussels Expo. Companies being present on the trade fair can now order & pay for goods and services whatever time, wherever they are situated, and are no longer bound to deadlines to send in their order. For example, you want champagne for your VIP visitors ? Just take your mobile, talk to the Brussel Expo bot and it will get delivered", Geert Roete, co-founder of Infinity Mobile says.

Seafood Fair 2017
A huge crowd gets together in the Expo in the Heart of Europe.
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