Success case - Frame 21
Mobile order & pay for business centers
Success case - Frame 21
Mobile order & pay for business centers
Frame 21 is a business center, built and managed by Groep Heylen. This state-of-the-art business center in Herentals (there is one in Roozendaal too) not only breathes inspiration and innovation, it also offers a full range of facilities and services towards its business clients. In the spirit of providing its business customers the latest in digital and technology, the people of Frame 21 contacted us regarding online and mobile order & pay in their venue.

Frame 21's situation is that at several spots in the building, there is the possibility to take drinks and snacks. People working in the businesses in the business center could take these, and then write on a piece of paper what they exactly took. As can be imagined, there was monthly a gap between what was noted on paper and how many items were taken from the different fridges, as people sometimes tend to "forget" what they take.

Next to this delta, the administration of the building also suffered from a monthly tedious process: the registration and invoicing of the different people who took food and drink throughout the past month. They needed to assemble all the notes that were placed on the different spots throughout the building, then manually consolidate, and finally create the invoices. Needless to say that this process was very error prone, took a long time and all in all was pretty cumbersome.

When we were asked for a solution, we were comfortable to tell that Sayl Resto, our mobile order & pay solution, would be a perfect fit for this. The final solution that we took live was based on an Android tablet that was put at each spot where you can order, that runs a Frame 21 webpage that includes a Sayl Resto shop.

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Each employee and company received an own personal PIN code, so they can identify themselves during the checkout in the Sayl Resto shop. The paper notes were taken away, and the administration of Frame 21 took ownership of the real-time Sayl Resto order interface, so they can see who orders and who pays via which payment mean.

The gain

The biggest gain for Frame 21 is specifically in the reporting: at any time during the month they can request the ordered/paid beverage and office services, both on an aggregated level, as on a full breakdown level. As the reporting splits company invoices and individual (personal) invoices, the invoicing timeframe has been reduced from 7 days to 1 day. Month-by-month!

"This is a true life-saver for us", Cheryl Sonneschein, business manager at Frame 21 adds. "We can follow who is ordering, spot much faster deltas, enable new payment means at will, have a full reconciled report and our time to invoice has been reduced like we only could dream of." Next steps for the ambitious business center is setting up the link with the Link 21 restaurant in order to enable the take-away and delivery of food during lunch time.

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It really feels good when you can help a client turn challenges into opportunities. Making our customers shine at work, is our biggest motivation.
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