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How our platform helps ambitious small business owners to grow online
"Sayl Retail is a self-service ecommerce platform that helps small business owners to set-up their own webshop in less than half an hour.", Geert Roete, CEO of Infinity Mobile says when we ask him for a 1 sentence pitch of Sayl Retail. "The first seeds for the Sayl Retail e-commerce platform were planted during our 3-month stay in Fintech Village (now 'Lab Brussels'), ING bank's fintech accelerator. At that time, the solution was called Shopitag.", Geert Roete adds.

"At the time being, we saw that consumers where trying a lot of new digital channels, like chat, Facebook, Instagram and that small retail business owners had a hard time to keep up. We spoke with several entrepreneurs that - while running their small business - were in contact with their clients via email, via telephone, via Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger. You name it, they were on it. Never say that small business owners are not customer centric thinking. They are, but sadly enough they are not always aware of the right tools to manage."

"As we already had a more complex e-commerce platform architecture in place, it was a matter of simplifying the functionality in such way that anyone could start an online shop. The golden rule was to create a full self-service platform where the business owner can easily register, add their products, link their payment means and link to their sales channels like Facebook and Instagram", co-founder and CTO Benoit Hossay adds. "We also didn't want to create 'yet another webshop system', so we decided to come up with the notion of pop-up shops: temporary shops that are small but relevant. Ideal to link to the different digital channels, while keeping 1 central place to manage the products and orders. Granted: over time we have added quite some merchant-requested functionality so that most use it now as a full fledged webshop."

E-commerce for small businesses
"E-commerce has finally won a place in the heart of the small business owner", Geert Roete.
Fully self-service
Merchants can register themselves on Sayl Retail and do everything by themselves. No support needed.
Sayl Retail App
The Sayl Retail app helps specifically those business owners with little time on their hands.
Sell in any channel
Whether the customer wants an own domain name and sells on his own webshop, or he wants to sell on Facebook, Instagram... it's possible.
"The type of businesses on Sayl Retail is very diverse. We see a lot of fashion shops, we see cosmetics, we see food type of businesses, we see electronics, ... The platform supports both delivery as click & collect and because of the fact that it is linked to multiple payment providers, it creates a solution for businesses of all kind.", Geert Roete says.

"We also know that Sayl Retail doesn't operate on an island. We keep in mind there is a whole ecosystem around local businesses, therefore we created commercial partnerships with large banks, global brands postal operators and specialised software companies, like loyalty & marketing players. This creates for all parties involved a win-win situation."

The company now manages clients from 23 countries and has recently reached the 4.000 registered businesses milestone on their platform. "The potential in e-commerce is still huge and we believe we are only at the beginning of online commerce, in whatever form that is", Geert Roete adds. "We are well positioned with a full scalable cloud architecture and a team that focuses on the success of our customer."

Some shops on Sayl Retail:

A happy merchant - our goal
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