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How we re-invent conversational e-commerce
"The first seeds for the Shopitag e-commerce platform were planted during our 3-month stay in Fintech Village, ING bank's fintech accelerator", Geert Roete, co-founder of Infinity Mobile says. "At the time being, chatbots via Facebook Messenger were still young, and certainly decent solutions linking these chatbots with e-commerce solutions were absolutely nowhere. So we decided to build one."

"As we already had a proprietary e-commerce platform in place, it was a matter of simplifying the functionality in such way that anyone could start an online shop and link it to Facebook and Facebook Messenger", other co-founder Benoit Hossay adds. "We also didn't want to create 'yet another webshop system', so we decided to come up with the notion of pop-up shops: temporary shops that are small but relevant. Ideal to link to Facebook or Instagram ads."

Conversational e-commerce:
How a chatbot can help you with your purchases online.
Easy to use
Tell about the core of the service and upload an atmospherical photo to attract the attention of your clients.
Mobile first
Tell about the core of the service and upload an atmospherical photo to attract the attention of your clients.
Contextual relevant
The view of images in the critical perspective is when the viewers criticise the images.
"Shopitag is an e-commerce platform that helps any business owner to set up one or more small shops and link it with the sales channels they already use today", says Roete if we ask him for a so-called elevator-pitch. "Initially, our target audience were small to medium businesses that needed an online shopping presence. In time, we also saw lot of digital agencies needed temporary campaign shops. In the Shopitag platform you can manage multiple shops, switch them on and off as you like, all in 1 place."

"We didn't want to stop there, as the online space - and certainly e-commerce - is constantly evolving. Therefore we focused on conversational commerce, where chat and voice can be used to initiate a purchase." The pitch of conversation turning into conversion speaked to different large parties, including Intercom (messaging), and Amazon (Alexa).

"With the conversational commerce offer we can serve also brands and corporates who are looking for a more intimate way to get more out of their customer interactions. Combined with the freedom of our API a lot is possible. We are just at the start."

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