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Shopitag becomes Sayl Retail

One of our objectives in 2021 was to get rid of the different names of our solutions. Our objective was to come to one name "SAYL" that serves 2 business segments:
  • retail
  • hospitality

Software (and license) wise this resulted in an objective to go to:
  • Sayl Retail
  • Sayl Resto
  • Sayl Customer

Where Sayl Retail and Sayl Resto are focused on omnichannel (e-)commerce and Sayl Customer acts as a Customer Data Platform that is linked with Sayl Retail and Sayl Resto.

We're happy to say that in September 2021 we reach the objective of not only renaming Shopitag to Sayl Retail, but also the objective of closely integrating Sayl Retail with Sayl Customer. For the business clients that use Shopitag not much will change, they still have a powerful webshop platform that allows them to sell on many sales channels.

The distribution focus of Sayl Retail will not change either: we work together with large partners that want to offer a self-service ecommerce platform to their business clients. For these large partners, using Sayl Customer creates new opportunities to better understand the customers of their business clients.

As a last, we're working on a brand new Sayl site that should launch end of September.