Success Case - Brussels Airport
Creating convenience for visitors of the Brussels Airport
Brussels Airport is by far the largest airport of Belgium, and is one of those few places in Belgium that any inhabitant or tourist in Belgium gets to know. As typical for a crowded airport, it's a place with a lot of activity, receiving millions of visitors and therefore a lot is to be done to satisfy these visitors.

Brussels Airport was open to start experimenting with chatbots, to see what they could mean as an interaction mean with their visitors. They chose us because of our international experience with brands like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Givenchy. After seeing the possibilities of our Shopitag e-commerce platform, the people of Brussels Airport decided to push through another request: access to the VIP lounge.

Get assisted at the counter of Brussels Airport
A clerk happy to assist you with our chatbot-solution seen on the screen
The VIP lounge at Brussels Airport is an excellent way to set up meetings right at the airport, or to work without being disturbed by the crowd in the main hall.

"The task at hand was to make it possible to online buy a VIP lounge access card that you can store in your iPhone or Android wallet, and that you can scan while entering the VIP lounge. All automated.", Benoit Hossay explains. "Together with the team of Accenture Digital we worked out the customer journey, the visual elements and UX, the interaction with our e-commerce platform, and the interaction with the scanning devises at the airport."

The Shopitag platform is now being used to manage the items you can buy within the interface of the Lounge Access. Visitors of Brussels Airport will see the possibility to buy access via digital signage, the airports website, and online campaigns on Facebook etc. "Due to the fact our platform support a lot of payment providers, we even offer Alipay as a payment mean to Chinese travelers. It's seamless, and works out of the box.", Hossay adds.

Brussels Airport VIP lounge
Eat, read, sleep, relax. All of this and more you can do in peace at the luxurious Brussels Airport VIP Lounge
The VIP Lounge Access at Brussels Airport case is a perfect example of our capabilities on the intersection of mobile e-commerce and digital solutions.
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