In-store integrations

Our cloud commerce platform integrates both your existing software systems as well with hardware.

Identify offline & online
Our next-level omnichannel approach helps our business clients to interact with their customers in all channels. Online and in-store.

In each channel we provide the right set of mechanisms to identify the customer and to create a personalised customer journey.

Commerce evolved.
Let us speed up the roll-out of your transactional business model
  • Modular & headless
    Our commerce platform provides you +100 functional blocks that can be used in an unlimited range of customer journeys
  • Fully Cloud based
    We use leading cloud vendors like Amazon to provide high availability, speed and performance also during peak traffic
  • Data is key
    We identify your customers in every channel they are using. We collect data and our algorithms use this to come with personalised offers.
  • Make integrations easy
    Our Raw API makes data modelling and integrating your data sources a walk in the park.
  • Support for any channel
    Endless aisles in store via kiosks? Shopping walls? Alexa skills? Messenger bots? Whatever the channel, we support it.
  • Transactional
    Our commerce platform focuses on helping to build transactions online or offline. Whether you have a complex model or a simple one.
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